The main area of activity of E. Strauss is the production and marketing of various wood-chip and wooden household items.

The company’s product selection has over 300 items: sauna products, chipboard products and small wooden items. Our strengths are our diversity and flexibility: we can produce for large-run export orders but also fulfil small custom orders. Baskets, tankards, boxes, trays, spoons and platters aren’t all we do: we can also make cabinet doors or lamp shades from chipboard. Painted E. Strauss products are a category of goods in their own right. Practically everything can be emblazoned with a painted image. That includes baskets, galoshes or bowls.

The bulk of the company’s products are marketed in neighbouring Finland. Products are also ordered in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Japan. To increase the Estonian market share and better highlight Avinurme as a historical wood crafts centre, the company opened the tourist-oriented Wooden Handicrafts Centre in June 2010.

E. Strauss is a family-owned business. The company was founded in 1994 and is one of the oldest of its kind in Estonia. In addition to family members, Strauss employs around 30 artisans.

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